Define relator. relator synonyms, relator pronunciation, relator translation, English dictionary definition of relator. n. 1. One who relates or narrates: a. When a qui tam suit results in a recovery for the government, the Relator is entitled to receive between fifteen percent (15%) and thirty percent (30%) of the. relator, n. meanings, etymology, pronunciation and more in the Oxford English Dictionary. The difference is that, instead of representing functional complexes, quantities or collections, a «Relator» represents the objectification of relational. What is 'Relator'? Learn more about legal terms and the law at

The judge designated by an ecclesiastical tribunal to gather together and put into writing the data necessary for reviewing a case in law. A relator is also the. Thus, the definition or meaning of the term Relator refers to someone eligible for a whistleblower reward based upon having an attorney file a qui tam lawsuit. The meaning of REALTOR is —used for a real estate agent who is a member of the National Association of Realtors. Listen to music by Relator on Apple Music. Find top songs and albums by Relator including Nora, Matilda and more. The following collections group MARC Relator terms that are listed as relationship designators in RDA Appendix I: Relationships between a resource and. An employee who blows the whistle on his/her employer is one of the most common types of relators. Current employees who have evidence of wrongdoing by their. One who brings a lawsuit on behalf of another party. A relator may bring a lawsuit in: A qui tam. Relator definition: One who relates or narrates. Under the False Claims Act, a proper relator is entitled to a significant monetary reward for reporting fraud against the government. In fact, the average. The relator is the party of interest in a proceeding, who is allowed to institute such proceeding in the name of the people, or in the name of the attorney. To qualify as a relator in a qui tam lawsuit under the False Claims Act, special parameters must exist, both formal and informal. The formal requirements are.

MARC Code List for Relators. Code Sequence. List identifier: marcrelator. Arrangement of the List. In the Code Sequence list, the relator terms and their. REALTOR® is a federally registered collective membership mark which identifies a real estate professional who is a member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF. The Attorney General can apply to the Court to have a relator action dismissed. If the relator wishes to stay or discontinue proceedings on terms or otherwise. Relator means a person who tells or narrates. In law, relater is a person on whose complaint an action is brought by a state. S/he would be an interested. A relator is the party who seeks relief from a Texas appellate court in an original proceeding. Relator is not pronounced the same way as realtor (i.e., a. Relator Name Meaning. Historically, surnames evolved as a way to sort people into groups - by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage. People with Relator (CilftonStrengths • StrengthsFinder) talents gain immense energy from being with a close group of friends. You take the initiative to. Find the legal definition of RELATOR from Black's Law Dictionary, 2nd Edition. The person upon whose complaint, or at whose instance, an information or writ. May be combined with another relator term or code to show the greater importance this person or organization has regarding that particular role. If more than.

relator: One who relates or narrates. Relator · Enjoy working hard with close friends to achieve a goal together · Deep relationships with a small circle · Pulled toward people they already know. In a legal case called a qui tam action, the person who helps the government is called a relator. This person is usually a private citizen who has. relator El relator escribió un informe de las clerk wrote a report of the proceedings. El relator explica los orígenes de los personajes al. relator · a person who relates or tells; narrator. · Lawmaking. a private person on whose suggestion or complaint certain writs, as a quo warranto, are issued and.

RELATOR. RELATOR. A rehearser or teller; one who, by leave of court, brings an information in the nature of a quo warranto. Relator. Definition: A relator is a lexical item whose function is to show the relationship between its surrounding constructions. Kinds: Adposition.

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